Student Filmmakers & Social Media Marketing Mavens: Get at us!

We have a very exciting project coming up in March and we’re putting together a team of enthusiastic shooters, editors and marketers to make it a reality. A reality music video to certainly remember. Hit us up!

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Check out The Atlantic’s profile on dollar vans (plus a mention of Demos!)

Our driver Winston “Young Blood” Williams got the spotlight in this story from The Atlantic.

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L.A. — Eesy

L.A, the Verbal Beast, rocks the van and makes it look “Eesy”

Please visit iTunes to  purchase the studio-produced version of “Eesy”

Look for a Demo from the crew Grind Hard Entertainment (who appear in the above clip) soon.

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Dyme A Duzin – His Fame

Brooklyn emcee Dyme A Duzin spins his lyrical philosophy in his ingenious song “His Fame”– our first High Definition Demo! Make sure to follow Dyme A Duzin on Twitter too.

Purchase the studio-produced version of “His Fame” on iTunes.

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Backseat Idol: Check out New York Magazine’s spotlight on Demos’ performers

Check out the profiles of all the performers from our recent Internet Week NY event: King Charlton, Dyme A Duzin, Erin Barra, Jay Kila, Khalilah and TonyEmcee.  Shoutout to ace reporter Jacqueline Colette Prosper as well as master lensman Mark Peterson for their quality work.  You can catch a sneak peek at these new Demos on New York’s website or watch them here very soon.


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Live! at Internet Week NY 2011

On a steamy June day (nearly 100 degrees!), Brooklyn rapper TonyEmcee waits with driver Winston ‘Youngblood’ Williams outside the Renaissance Java Cafe.



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Come Ride With Us During Internet Week NY!

We’re looking for talented performers and fun passengers (who also may want to take pictures or video of these performers) to ride with us on June 9th. Get in the van!

Straight Outta Brooklyn! Coming Soon in June! Drop Us  A Line! Get In The Van! Thumbs Up! Folla! Subscribe! Connect! Image Map
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Haitian Jonas & Damilliman – Wap Kon Jorge

The Creole comedy duo Haitian Jonas and Damilliman have some wisdom for you if you’re not careful: ‘Wapp Kon Jorge” which translates to “you’ll get yours.”

Bonus!  Here’s some leaked album covers we found:

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We Stole The Show – Get It Now

Hailing from upstate NY (Buffalo– not jail) We Stole The Show (aka emcees Rhyson Hall & Grand Phee) demand a real cute baby to ‘Get It Now’

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Shanelle Gabriel – Start Something

Poet/singer Shanelle Gabriel drops some inspiring wisdom in front of total strangers and turns them into total believers with her piece ‘Start Something’

Catch Shanelle live in concert on November 24th at Sullivan Hall in NYC!  Details here.

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